война казино

Casino War is a casino game based on the popular kids card game, “War”.

The version players will find in casinos is modified than the one you played as a child, but you’ll recognize the format immediately.

While casual players enjoy the nostalgia aspect of casino war, serious gamblers can appreciate that this game offers one of the best payout percentages among games that don’t require strategy.

New casino visitors should know this means they’ll be as good as the 20-year veteran playing at the next table.

Less experienced players might get the impression this game has no house edge, but it does exist, based on what happens when a tie occurs. Like blackjack, the game pits the player against the house (dealer).

In most gambling establishments, the game is played with 6 decks.

The hand ranks are the same as they would be in poker, though aces are always considered to be “11” and never “1”, though.

Like in the original home-brew game, the suit of the card does not matter. Once this happens, both the player and the dealer are dealt one card. So if you’re showing a higher card than the dealer, you win the bet.

If the dealer is showing a higher card, you lose the bet.

Ties are handled somewhat differently than they are in the classic game.

You might remember in the classic game, the players “go to war”.

The tied cards are a push and become the pot in an additional winner-take-all hand.